Visions Beyond Wakanda

Sculpture and  Empowerment Workshop

For Black youths and Youths of color

In this empowerment workshop run by Stephen Lawson youths of around 12 to 20 years of age can get to know "traditional" creative  techniques like drawing and sculpting. In a circle of peers they can discuss and explore questions like: 

  • which role models and idols  do we have?
  • what do our visions look like
  • where and how do we find strength?
  • what weakens us?
  • how do we deal with grief and pain?   
  • where do we find solace
  • how can we give our thoughts and feelings a shape?

Tuesdays  from 17.00-20.00

atelier delifesign   ,   Berlin-Kreuzberg (Bergmannkiez)

(please get in touch before)


Stephen Lawson  ,

Tel: 0176-98978580 

Facebook:  @StephenHughLawson  , Instagram:  @delifesign

In Kooperation mit Joliba e.V.

Gefördert vom Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung (BPKB)