Stephen Lawson


Stephen Lawson was born in 1968 in Louth, England. After studying architecture at the University of Dortmund he completed an apprenticeship as a stone mason and sculptor in Berlin. Following that he travelled through Europe as a sculptor. In Paris he helped restore the fassade of the Louvre working on a massive angel.

Since 1996 Stephen Lawson works as a freelance sculptor in Germany.




Exhibitions/Projects (exerpt):


2009 "Von 0 bis unendlich" Ausstellung mit Maler Gerard van Smirren, Technikmuseum, Soest


2004 "Eine vergessene Kolonialgeschichte", Ausstellung, Landesmuseum Oldenburg


1999 "Art of Africa" Open Art Gallery, München


1995 "lost Tribes of Africa" Berlin


" I do what I do in the light of my love for the movements and the visions I see. I feel blessed having been given the tools that enable me to express my inner world. I percieve inspiring images: from songs, from stories told, from life's reality." Stephen H. Lawson

                                          Trailer: "We Are Tomorrow" 2015                                          

                                                Arbeit an einer Skulptur mit dem Titel " Visions beyond Wakanda"